The Premium Coffee Subscription

Amazing Single Origin Coffee Roasted to Perfection. Ships For Free.

The Highest Quality Coffee Subscription

Our coffee subscription selects exceptional coffee beans, roasted to perfection. We taste hundreds of coffees from hundreds of micro-lots to bring you the best single-origin beans every week.

We work with the best coffee producers in the best coffee regions of the world to bring you an ever changing selection of the best in-season coffee in the world.

Discover a New Coffee Every Week

You don't eat the same food every day why would you drink the same coffee every day?

Our team tastes hundreds of single origin coffees, selecting from a wide array of seasonal offerings. Out of that selection, we pick the absolute best to roast and ship each week.

We rarely repeat a coffee, which means you are guaranteed a new and interesting coffee with every shipment.

Fresh Roasted & Shipped The Same Day

We roast and ship on the same day. This means that our deliveries get to your door within 3 days of roasting (at the perfect time to start drinking). Check each bag’s Start Drinking On date to ensure you do not brew your coffee too soon after the roast. We invented the "Start Drinking On" date because our customers were drinking our coffee before it was ready. That's fresh.

Truly Fresh Single-Origin Coffee

At the Moustache Coffee Club, we only send you single-origin, in-season, top quality beans. Our coffee subscription was born out of the frustration of paying a premium price and getting two-week old, stale coffee beans. That's why we’re serious about freshness. Our beans are roasted to order, so unlike other services offering a "Roaster's Choice" we don't ship you the ends of the barrel or the beans that nobody wanted. We ship the best beans in season, freshly roasted just for you.

A Great Wage for Great Work

Our coffee isn't just fresh and delicious and perfectly roasted – it’s also ethically sourced. For us, selling single-origin coffee goes beyond just knowing the region. We’ll tell you the name of the farm or the farmer who produced our coffee, and ensure that they are paid well above the fair trade mandate. We believe this is the best way to reward excellence in coffee growing and production, and it provides the capital required to upgrade and maintain coffee production facilities at the source, ensuring that we can continue to enjoy excellent coffee from these producers in future years.

Just Say No to Char

Roasting cheap coffee to a dark smoky stage masks the bad flavors of an inferior bean. At the Moustache Coffee Club, we buy the highest quality beans on Earth and roast them for sweetness and brightness, highlighting their origins. We don't do charred, bitter coffee. Accompanying our beans are detailed tasting notes to equip you with the knowledge to explore the subtle and delicate flavours in your coffee.

Be Your Own Barista

With some practice and the right equipment you can turn your coffee at home into an artform. You can perfect your pourover technique to maintain the perfect bloom or extract just the right balance from your AeroPress, but that will only get you halfway to a great cup of coffee. You’re going to need consistently amazing beans to complete the experience - and we will ship you the best coffee the world can deliver.

Got Questions About Equipment or Brewing?

We love to talk about all things coffee, from sourcing to preparation. If you have any questions about what equipment to buy, how to brew, or the proper ratios to use etc. just pop us an email. We'll get back to you quickly, because we love sharing our coffee knowledge and talking to other people about our shared passion.

Roast - Sample - Repeat

We care about coffee and no matter how skilled we are at getting that beautiful pourover bloom, that means we care about beans. Here at Moustache Coffee Club, we work hard to find the right beans for you to enjoy. This means testing hundreds of the freshest green beans in season and making a decision only after hours of caffeine-laden, jittery cupping.

Transparency & Traceability

We believe that the best way to continuously source the best coffee is to have transparency at every stage of the coffee process. From the producer all the way to the brewed coffee in your cup. All of our coffees comes from a single-origin and we always list the coffee grower and the region. We endeavor to be as transparent as possible in our sourcing and production.